Investment Criteria

Company Characteristics

  • Market/industry segment leadership or niche with a defensible market position
  • Usually operating profit margins of 10 percent or better
  • Growth opportunities – internal or acquisition

Industry Focus

  • Building Materials and Services
    • Manufacturers of value-added, non-commodity products for new construction and remodeling
    • Contractors serving residential home builders or residential/commercial maintenance needs
  • Business Services
    • Recurring revenue streams
    • Scalable business models
  • Consumer products
    • Hard goods (not food) products sold to e-Commerce and Big Box retailers
  • Specialty Manufacturing
    • Value-added, important to their customers
    • Generally lower labor content
    • Particular focus on metal and plastic fabrication

Company Size by Geography

  • U.S. companies east of the Rocky Mountains with minimum EBITDA of $1.5 million
  • U.S. companies within five hour drive of Chicago with minimum EDITDA of $750,000


  • Required

Investment Horizon

  • Minimum 5 years
  • No maximum


  • We gladly compensate intermediaries for closed transactions